3 Top Spy Software Apps for Mobile and Cell Phones

Hi guys!

I want to talk to you today about a fairly sensitive but important topic. This is something that I have personal experience with and I know many of you do as well. Do you know what your kids are getting up to on their smartphones? Being able to monitor your children’s smartphone usage sounds great in theory but does it actually work?

It seems like everyone has a smartphone or tablet these days including kids. How many times have you gone to pick your children up from school only to see them lost in their various technology devices? It is certainly a change from my day however the problem isn’t that they have these devices, it is what they might be using them for!

This is why I want to introduce the 3 best spy software apps that you can use for a smartphone or even a tablet device. I have personally used these 3 apps at least once and I have settled on one which I consider to be the best but I want to give you the choice so you can decide for yourself.

The great thing about these apps that I am going to show you is that they can’t be detected on the smartphone itself. There is nothing worse for a kid finding out that their parents are monitoring them and in most cases this leads them to start going against your wishes however this software is completely undetectable.

There is no way that the smartphone user can find out if this app is monitoring their usage or not and I have even tested some of my more knowledgeable friends to try and detect this software on their device. They just can’t do it.

We all want to trust our kids however we need to be safe in the knowledge that they are not doing anything wrong with their smartphone’s. Most of the time trouble arising from this isn’t even their own fault however as parents and guardians we can ensure that they are safe while allowing them to enjoy the freedom of having their own piece of technology too.

So here are my top 3 spy software apps that can be used on smartphone’s and tablets.


#1 Mobile-Spy.com – Currently the best spy software on the market in my opinion

For me Mobile Spy are the best in the business at the minute. They offer a complete and comprehensive spy software that works with Android, iOS, Blackberry and also Windows Mobile devices.

The great thing about Mobile Spy is that they have been around for a while now. The company that owns the app – Retina-X Studios – was created in 2003 and for me this is a great confidence booster. These days when apps come and go and tech companies fall by the wayside it is refreshing to know that this great spy software can offer me support in years to come and not simply disappear.

They have a fantastic 24/7 customer support and I have contacted them on several occasions and been very impressed with the way they handle their customers. I only had a few basic questions about the software that I wanted to clarify first and with their support ticket system I got a reply in less than 40 minutes! The fact that you can view your kids’ activity all by logging into your account is great as well.

If you want to find out more about this fantastic app then you can find Mobile Spy here and they are my first choice for spy software.


#2 Mobi Stealth

So these guys are my second choice but I wouldn’t say that they are as good as Mobile Spy.

Don’t get me wrong, they offer spy software that does work. I can monitor the usage on a smartphone with this software including calls, message and internet history however the software does have some downsides when compared to Mobile Spy.

For a start they don’t offer Android support and while I used this app great on iOS I’m sure there are lots of people who would want to use Mobi Stealth but can’t because it doesn’t offer compatibility with different platforms. Also they haven’t been as round as long as Mobile Spy so I’m reluctant to use them because who knows if they will be here in a year or more?

At the end of the day this software provides a working spy app for mobile devices even if it isn’t as good as my number one choice on this list. If you want to find out more information about this software then you can do so here.


#3 mSpy

OK so now we come to my last choice for spy software on my list.

mSpy is fairly well known and is a good rival to the other two choices that I have shown you here however I wouldn’t say that it is up to the same standard as Mobile Spy. Like Mobi Stealth they haven’t been as round as long and I always ensure to use companies that have a long standing reputation especially in this day and age when apps and software come and go.

The other problem with mSpy is that unlike Mobile Spy you can only use 1 phone per license. My first choice for mobile spy software allows you to monitor up to 3 smartphone’s with the one plan and this is something that let’s mSpy and Mobi Stealth down. Also their customer service was not as quick to respond to me as I would have liked.

All in all they aren’t as good as Mobile Spy but do offer a decent alternative and you can find out more about them with this link.


To Sum Up…

So hopefully I have given you some food for thought.

No-one really wants to have to spy on their kids but in this day and age it is necessary to know what they are using their smartphone’s for. These apps, and particularly Mobile Spy, give you the chance to do this without being detected.

Happy monitoring!